I’ve been a beach-dweller most of my life. However, since moving to Brisbane in June 2013, I found myself missing the wonderful sensory experience of being at the beach—a gentle wind caressing my back, sunshine warmth on my face, sound of waves crunching on sand, pelicans gliding through the sky, taste of salt in the air, sweet music in the form of a busker, bellbird, or beats from a stereo as a car zooms past. I had the day free today so I decided to travel to to Redcliffe for the first time… and it surpassed my expectations. Here are a few snaps I took.

.IMG_0249 IMG_0267 IMG_0268 IMG_0269 IMG_0271 IMG_0270

It was super relaxing and I was able to clear my thoughts.

It was also cool to see some of the locals doing their thing—a hipster riding his skateboard while walking his dog, and poet looking thoughtfully out to sea while holding a pen and paper in hand.

This day trip was exactly what I needed after the busy-ness of uni/work/social life.

I look forward to returning here soon.